Pool Slides Can be Added Later

When buying an inground pool and trying to work within a budget you quickly discover that there are things that must be purchased now and things that can be added later. Luckily, with a little planning, pool slides can be effortlessly installed any time in the future.

Here’s how to plan for your future slide:

·         Make sure there’s enough patio space

·         Make sure a water source is roughed in and capped for future use.

Pool slides use water from the pool, so make sure you pool contractor simply installs another plumbing line from the filter system to the future slide location.

*Note: Different slides require different pipe stub-up locations beside the pool so try to choose your slide ahead of time if possible.

2. Slide Location is Important

Try to position your slide so it is facing your primary congregating area. This is for two obvious reasons: First, while your slide is running, water cascades down from the slide into the pool so you not only have a slide but it also serves as a water feature. Second, so you can see the excitement on the kids (of all ages) faces as they shoot into the pool. Both of these are a lot more fun than staring at the back of a slide! It’s also nice to have an exit point like a step, bench seat, or ladder pool relatively close to the slide for convenience.

*Note: Many pool slides are installed at a deep end corner of the pool and enter the pool along the side. Residential pool slides almost never enter the pool at an end.

3. Allow Enough Patio Space for Your Pool Slide

Here are some points to consider:

·         Most slides need a minimum area of 7′ x 15′. Without enough patio around the slide, access around the patio is cut off and you end up walking around the pool deck or ducking under the slide to get through to the other side.

·         Even though you need enough patio around the slide, placing it smack in the middle of a large congregating area usually makes for an awkward space.

·         You can “bump” the concrete out just to go around the slide or widen the entire side of the patio that your slide is on.

4. There are Many Slide Models to Choose From

Over the past 10 years the pool slide industry has really blossomed.  You can order a slide in probably a dozen different models and they’re really cool!