Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Pool Vacuums

There are many differnt vacuums out there for inground pools.  Make sure you do your research before making your purchase.

For the most part you can buy a vacuum that suctions from the skimmer (debris goes into your filter) or has a dedicated line using a booster pump or you can purchase a robotic vacuum (debris goes into a filter which you clean periodically)

First and foremost you need to purchase from a company who is going to service this product.  Many like to save a few $$ by buying online however buyer beware when it comes time to service.  Most pool companies will not service a vacuum that they have not sold.

With vinyl lined pools you may need to purchase a drain cover if you are considering a robotic vacuum all vinyl lined pools have a main drain.

We would be happy to chat with you about some of the makes/models/styles available to find one that will fit your needs.

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