Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Safety Covers Pro’s/Con’s

Safety Covers for inground pools: Pro’s/Con’s

Materials Options: Mesh or Solid?

When deciding on a mesh or solid safety cover, keep in mind that each material works differently, but they both provide superior protection. Our covers come in a mesh material that allows the water to seep through the cover, leaving a dry cover and not a swampy mess. The solid material doesn’t allow the water to pass through and comes with a pump to remove the water from the cover surface. The solid material with a drainage panel is the best of both materials. It allows the water to seep through and keep the cover dry, but gives you the protection of a regular solid material.

Mesh Covers

Mesh covers are light weight, and easier to maneuver than their solid counterparts

Water will drain through a mesh cover, preventing puddles from forming and creating a safety hazard Mesh covers prevent leaves and other debris from entering the pool

Since water can drain through the cover, chances are you will have to add little to no water to your pool in the spring.

Mesh covers dissipate rain and melting snow much quicker than solid covers, allowing them to dry quicker so leaves and other debris can bsimply be blown off

Mesh covers will let sunlight through the mesh, so algae can still grow in your pool when it gets into the warmer months, therefore earlier removal is recommended

Mesh will allow fine soot to pass through the cover and settle on the bottom of the pool however is quite easy to vacuum away

Easy to open pool early or to add additional chemicals

The sunlight allowed through the mesh reduces the amount of chlorine content in the pool over time

Solid Covers

Solid covers can withstand heavy snow loads like those that fall in our climate

Solid covers keep ALL sunlight out of the pool. Without sunlight it is difficult for algae to grow in your pool

When using a solid cover, you MUST use an automatic cover pump to drain water off the top or purchase with a built in mesh drain panel that is engineered into the cover by the manufacturer. Failure to do so will cause puddling on the top of your cover. Also you must periodically check on the cover pump to ensure that it is still in operable condition

Nothing can get through your Solid Safety Cover. This makes clean up in the spring incredibly easy. Your pool should be as clean the day you open it as the day you closed it.

Solid w/ Drain Covers

Solid covers with drain panels allow water into the pool to prevent puddling on the cover

Fine mesh drain panels filter out everything except for the tiniest sediment suspended in the water

Reduced mesh area limits the amount of sunlight able to get into the pool. This lessens the amount of algae that can grow in your pool when the weather starts to get warmer.

Less sun helps reduce the amount of chlorine loss, thereby reducing your chemical costs

These covers feature the best of both the Mesh and the Solid covers.
The Yard Guard Deck-Lock System is the latest in pool cover technology. The Deck-Lock cover comes in either high quality mesh or reinforced vinyl and reinforced webbing both top and bottom on every seam protected by rub strips. If you want the best for your pool, Deck-Lock is it.


Features & Benefits

White thread (triple stitching) cross tack & box tack at all perimeter stress points.

Straps run on both top and bottom of the cover for added strength.

Raised rub strip to prevent chafing on coping.

Porous, tight mesh, giving the maximum of strength.

Reinforced webbing top and bottom on every seam and around the perimeter.

All covers are manufactured by the most modern of equipment including a computerized cutting and shaping system.

All specials are drawn and verified by the most sophisticated of CAD(Computer Aided Design) systems.

All Covers throughout every stage of production are quality checked and signed for before final packaging.



All hardware is prepackaged in individual poly bags. Each bag (or set) includes the brass plug, brass screw, spring buckle, and vinyl, sleeve.


Green, blue, gray, black or tan

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