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I wanted to share some information on salt systems.

I personally think salt systems are the way to go with in ground pools however many people believe that it’s a miracle for pools.  Well in some ways it is however a salt system in a pool is still a chlorinated pool, just chlorinated differently.   You have a panel to operate a cell that is connected to your plumbing that converts salt to chlorine.  This is how you sanitize your pool.

The salt cell typically lasts for approximately 500 hrs or 5 years.  Not many clients realize that the cell will need replacing until their pool is either reading low levels of chlorine upon testing or their pool turns green.

You also need to clean your salt cell periodically as it will get a scale build up on it much like hardness in a tea kettle due to minerals in the pool water.  At Knapp’s Pools we have a salt known as Pristiva Salt System.   It has a stain and scale built into the system that helps to prevent this build up which in turn lengthens the time between cleanings.  The more you have to clean your cell the shorter the life span.

Please ask questions when purchasing your salt system.  We always attempt to explain the process of salt systems when installing them however you, as a pool owner, need to know  the system works and the maintenance required.

As with all pools it is critical to test your water to ensure it is in balance and that the proper sanitation is applied regardless of what you are using as your sanitization system.

Please give us a call to retrofit your pool to a salt system or to inquire about our on site water testing

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