When going to log unto my computer yesterday morning, it simply wouldn’t start.  I checked all the plugs and outlets (numerous times)  I had shut down mycomputer as there was some thunder and lightning the evening before.  I knew I had power to everything however the CPU just wouldn’t start.

I went to my laptop and thankfully I still had wireless connection.  I googled ‘computer repair in Kingston’ and viola I find a company called “At Home Computer Repair”.  I make a call and get voicemail…immediately I’m thinking they took the holiday Monday off and I’m toast for getting my PC fixed.  Then the phone rings and it’s Ron, from At Home Computer Repair.  He lets me know he is in fact on holidays however his son RJ would be more than happy to help me out.  RJ comes, picks up my PC and calls me an hour or so later…the computer needed a new power source and is now fixed.  He will drop it off shortly.  Yeah!  THANK YOU AT HOME COMPUTER REPAIR!