Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Therapy of Hot Tubs

We often think of a hot tub as simply a place for relaxation and it certainly is that.  It’s also a place where you connect with family members after a long, hard day.  However did you know that hot tubs provide therapy to releive:


Aches and pains:

The massaging action of the jets will accelerate the healing process of aches and pains faster.  Endorphins are natural pain releivers and warm water tends to stimulate their release as the warm water in a hot tub brings the blood vessels nearer to the skin


Warm water and hydrotherapy help muscles to relax and allow a greater range of motion in the joints


When submerged in water your body is bout 1/10 its normal weight.  Byoyancy is a key element of relaxation and stress relief.  It helps overcome the effects of gravity and releives stress on the joints.


Exercising can cause microscopic tears in the muscle and lactic acid build up.  The warm massaging action of a hot tub will accelerate the healing process and allows the lactic acid to be carried away from the muscle.  As muscles relax and pain eases you move more easily and have less overall pain.


Warm swirling water reduces stress and allows your body and mind to relax faster thereby getting a better sleep.  Sleep tends to deepen as the body temperature drops.  Experts recommend that people who suffer from sleeplessness have a hot tub at a temperature of between 100 and 104 degrees which will help them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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