It sure is cold outside….nearing -30C.  Chilly for sure and confirms why you want your hot tub close to your home.  They say location is everything and this is so true when it comes to hot tubbing.

I personally love to hot tub during the winter.  There are no bugs, the water is toasty warm and the sky is beautiful.  Also doesn’t matter if it’s snowing as you are getting wet anyhow so who cares if your hair cuts a little wetter.

For those of you who don’t currently own a hot tub, take the plunge.  Hot tubs provide therapeutic value, like making you sleep better, bring more blood flow through your muscles and relax those tense ones.  Plus hot tubs you can use year round simply by adjusting your temperature.  80’s in the summer and 100’s in the winter.  Perfect.

Drop out and see our line of Maax Spas and California Cooperage.  We will make your drive worthwhile!