Today as the sun shines I think of our busy season coming upon us.  This leads me to thinking about pool water care.  Have you ever had a test done, buy a bunch of products and then get home and scratch your head wondering what to do first?

At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs we do onsite water testing and then walk you through what you need to do.  Yes, we also provide the document with the application amounts and instructions however it’s nice to be able to confirm what needs to happen, where to put the product, how long to wait before the next application etc.

When testing your water we test for:  TDS (total dissolved solids) chlorine (free and total), pH, alkalinity, calcium, copper, iron and phosphates.  This is a full and comprehensive test.  Many companies do not test for phosphates, copper and iron when testing your water.  Copper and iron can cause staining whereas phosphates are food for algae and you don’t want to end up with a green pool.

Let us help you with your water care this season.  You will be glad you did.