Why oh why don’t the numbers add up…..

Word of advice – do your paperwork monthly….it just makes it so much more efficient.  The YE can be challenging…compiling paperwork, balancing numbers, trying to remember something that should have been recorded more clearly. Learning new accounting software also has it’s challenges….however moving forward it truly will make “paperwork” so much easier.

I have wanted to be an entrepreneur for most of my life and  I truly love what I do….that being said, you get to do EVERYTHING.  Paperwork is the least enjoyable but oh so necessary!  I wear many hats and wouldn’t change it for the world.

To those of you out there that are considering your own business; be prepared for LOTS of work, LOTS of questioning and LOTS of great moments.  Stay the course, do what you do best and when you can, hire someone to do the things you like the least!  Good luck to you!