Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs

We have had a number of calls lately from owners of hot tubs from manufacturers that are either no longer in business or that they purchased from a company that rents a large facility for a weekend and has a hot tub blow out sale.  Then is comes times for service and they have no one to service their hot tub.

This gets frustrating because the buyer doesn’t ask the right questions or doesn’t worry about servicing until their hot tub requires fixing.

Be careful.  You are investing your hard earned money on a product that will require some servicing at some point.  If you don’t think you can fix it yourself, buy from a local dealer who will be there when you need them.  Who stands behind their products and their warranty.

Hot tubs are a wonderful, therapeutic, relaxing addition to your home.  Make sure you don’t regret ‘who’ you bought from because it’s obviously too late after the fact.

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