Okay, so you have decided to purchase a pool.  Now it’s time to begin to research and find out the differences in fiberglass vs vinyl.

First let’s talk about maintenance – with vinyl you must understand that you will be replacing liners.  Over the years you will also have to do some repair work to the base and can shorten the expected lifespan of the liner by improper water care.  That being said, yes vinyl lined pool are more economical initially.  BUT, overall is it the right choice for you.  If you could consider what the costs are over a 10-15-20 year span will you have saved any money?

With fiberglass not only do you get a pool that looks awesome, you will have VERY little maintenance.  Dolphin fiberglass pools carry a full 25 year warranty to give you peace of mind and there is little to no maintenance.

As with all pools you must keep your water in balance.  We help you do that by offering on site water testing and walk you through proper water care each time we test.  That way you will have the knowledge and the confidence that you are keeping the water healthy and worry free.  With proper water care you will have a pool that sparkles, not a green swamp that you are embarrassed to have anyone see.

At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs our main goal is to work with you to find a pool that fits your home, lifestyle and budget.  Remember this is an investment, one that should bring you years and years of pride of ownership.

It’s important to do your research…we encourage you to look at your options.  If price is the only factor, then I ask you to think about the repair and replacement costs.  A fiberglass pool is not for everyone.  We respect that.  All we ask is that you consider your options.

If you have questions we are simply a phone call or email away.