Liner Replacements – Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs

Are you needing a liner replacement after that nasty cold winter?  We would be happy to provide a quote.  We carry some above ground liners in stock that are a truce 20mil and Canadian made.  We, at Knapp’s Pools have made a choice that quality is far more important than simply price when it comes to liners.  Beware of the great online price, often times this is NOT the same mil (20 mil for inground and 30 mil for inground)

We will conduct a site visit to take measurements to ensure this is the right size liner and you get to touch and see the liners we offer.  Often we have been asked for a certain size liner and upon a site visit the pool is not that size.

Give us a call.  We would be pleased to get you swimming this season!

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