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I just returned from our Maax Spas Conference and although I knew after my months of in-depth research of spa manufacturers, our decision to take on the Maax line was a great decision.  I just learned about some of the amazing differences in how our tubs are manufactured compared to the others in this business.  I thought that I knew everything there was to know about the Maax Collection however I learnt some things at this conference that makes this spa an ever better choice.

Our Maax ColBlue Frame w copperlection is built to Appliance Grade.  What does this mean???  What is means is that it is built in accordance to the safety and service standards that all appliances have to adhere to.  Okay still confused.  Let’s put this into simpler terms.  Our Maax Collection is manufactured using a galvanized steel sub structure, which comes with a lifetime, yes folks, you heard me right, lifetime warranty.  Next our insulation is called Northern Exposure.  It is made up of copper reflective material throughout the tub, our Blue Maax insulation which is flame, mildew and rodent resistant and then we wrap 3M Thinsulate around this.  You tub is serviceable forever, by simply removing the insulation, and then replacing it.  You NEVER loss any R value for the lifetime of the tub and they are very efficient to operate.  You not only get a tub that is superior in design but also in performance


Okay a picture paints a thousand words – Maax Thermo-Lock and Insulation

Energy Chart So now ask yourself, don’t I want a tub that is as efficient to operate as well as one that I can have peace of mind ownership of.  Knowing that if there is ever a servicing situation (and yes, every hot tub will need to be serviced at some point) I will never compromise my R value.  That I won’t be paying huge dollars to dig away at spray foam.  That my tub has a lifetime warranty on the insulation and the frame.  You can rest assured that you choice of a Maax Collection hot tub is the right one!  Today and years from now.



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