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Wanting to diminish your hydro costs for your hot tub.  Get a thermo cover for your hot tub.   Not too many know that you can purchase these for approximately $100 and save in your hydro costs.

Thermo Cover

This is the season where it costs us more to heat our tubs.  Using a thermo covers cuts those costs down.  Don’t pay any more than you have to in electrical costs.  Your hot tub is still very easy to get into.  This thermo covers also covers the seal at the fold of your tub where you see the evaporation escaping.  Using a thermo covers minimizes the need to top up the water thereby saving you this way as well given you would be adding cold water that would then need to be heated.

Give us a call in you are in the greater 1000 islands area.  The thermo covers come in two sizes 7 x 7 and 8 x 8.


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