We just returned from the 2016 Masters.  Talk about a once in a lifetime experience.  Danny Willit from England won after taking the lead when Jordan Speith blundered at the 12 hole and put the ball in Ray’s Creek in Amen Corner twice!

One thing I took away from the Masters is the professionalism and the commitment of the players.  They were warming up for hours prior to their tee off times and although at times with the wind, they must have been very frustrated, they took it in stride and played on to the best of their ability.

We do the same with our pools, inground or out.  We believe in giving the very best product, using only qualified installers.  We build each pool like it were our very own.  I know this sounds cliché, it’s the truth.  We, Johnny and I, decided that we would only take on jobs that we could ensure the quality and integrity of the job.  We aren’t out to simply ‘sell’to make money, we are building a business that you can trust and that you will tell your friends about.  We don’t have to sell 100’s of pools a year; we don’t have to have ‘closers’; we are very proud to be a Ma and Pa business.  One that is financial free to make each and every decision ours, which for you, ensures we are making decisions based on your best interests.

Anyhow back to the Masters.  Incredible, amazing and awesome all at once.  Lots of new younger faces this year which should lead to many challenging Masters tournaments to come.

Golf on!