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Thinking of an on ground pool but not sure if it’s the right fit?nice-wood-deck-rectangular-with-stairs

On Ground Pools are perfect for those sloping backyards and also for those who just don’t have the budget or want to spend the amount of an in ground pool.  On Ground Pools can be installed 1/2 way in the ground or all the way in the ground

On-ground prices range  from $15,000-$25,000 vs. in-ground price range $35,000-$50,000

On Ground Pools were designed to enhance sloped yards and can be built entirely above the ground, half way in the ground or completely in the ground

With many of the same finishing options as in-ground pools yet cost considerably less

You can use a 30ml Canadian liner like we use in in ground pools or you can use an above ground Canadian pool liner like we use in above ground pools.  The choice is yours, it’s all about your budget

Decking around the pool can be wooden or composite decking, paving stone or flag stone, or even plain or patterned concrete

Built with in-ground heavy gauge steel walls using the same protective coatings as in-ground pools

Finished with a compacted flat bottom sand floor or concrete if you choose to go with a shallow to deep ended pool

Easily installed in various elevations – sloped yards are where an on ground works perfect

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