Thinking about a pool for this summer?  Wondering what exactly an on ground pool is?

On Ground pools were designed for sloping properties typically leaving the back side (slopped) exposed.  

The walls are similar to those used in an in ground pool therefore you can install on ground pools fully in the ground.  You can also put a deep end in the Oval, Grecian style pools.  

To keep costs down many clients are purchasing an on ground pool, installing it part way in the ground and keeping it a flat sand bottom similar to how you install an above ground pool.

You can also keep your costs down by using a 20ml liner (above ground grade) rather than an in ground liner (30ml)

On Ground pools are a great alternative to the above ground pool given they are built entirely differently with galvanized walls that are bolted together.  They will last as long as an in ground pool and look fantastic.