Planning a pool for the Spring or next year?

A few things you can do to begin the process is:

  • Think about the shape of pool you would like
  • Measure your yard
  • Add the amount of decking you want around the pool to the actual pool size
  • What kind of pool?  Above Ground, On Ground, In Ground
  • Budget?
  • Go online to get your municipalities pool application and guidelines as far as setbacks
  • Equipment you would like (regular pump/variable speed, heater (gas or heat pump), filter (sand/cartridge) salt, lighting
  • Fencing

These are all questions that you can use to begin the process.  It will enable you to do some research and ask some questions. 

Most pool companies will ask you what your budget is?  It’s not to spend as much as you note but to properly guide you and provide advise.

We, at Knapp’s Pools are always here to help.