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Heard the term “Plug and Play” and wondered if this might be a fit for you?  Plug and Play hot tubs have been around for a while and truly fit the transient or renters out there.  With a plug and play tub you avoid the cost of electrical to hard wire your tub.  You simply plug it into you outdoor GFCI outlet and away you go.  

Our Maax M series plug and play hot tubs have a 4kW heater that has been converted to a 1Kw due to the amp draw.  It will take a little bit to get up to temperature depending upon what the temperature is outside and what the desired temperature you want in the tub.  Once it gets to temperature however it’s very easy to keep it there.  Also when the pumps run on full speed you won’t be able to fire the heater until the pump is placed back to low speed.  This is fine as you don’t typically lose too much temperature while you are sitting in the hot tub therefore it only has to heat 1-2 degrees once you get out.

Our Maax M Series tubs are spectacular!  AND if you ever change your mind on the plug and play, you can simply convert it to 240V and voila you now have a 4kW heater!

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