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Looking for a hot tub that you simply plug in?  We have plug and play models available in our Maax line and they are great if you are renting a home and don’t want to put $$ into running electrical to your main breaker etc.

One thing that is considered a downside to plug and play hot tubs is that when they are running at 120V and the pumps on are high, there is not enough amperage to heat while the pump is running.   Therefore your hot tub will lose a few degrees of temperature while you are soaking.  These tubs also take considerable time to get to temperature as the heater would be running at 1kW and if simply takes additional time to get to temperature.  Once it get there however it can maintain the temperature easily.

One item that many people are not aware of is that our Maax M50, M60, M71 can be converted to a 240V system should you change your mind and would like to run your tub at 240V or if you move and don’t mind putting the additional $$ into having your tub hooked up electrically the way most portable hot tubs are connected.  i.e back to your main breaker box.


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