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Filter Care Tips:


  • Avoid laundry detergents and household cleaners– you may have a major foaming problem in your hot tub if you use them

  • Use a product designed for cleaning pleated filter cartridges

  • When cleaning, always rotate out your filters with a clean, dry spare.  This will allow your filter to dry completely and give you longer life from them

  • We recommend that filters be replaced annually.  Think of what your filters are doing  their primary role is to keep your water clear by capturing all that bathing waste and small particulate.  Be good to your hot tub and replace annually.

  • Never use a power-washer or dishwasher to clean filter cartridges. The high water pressure will damage the media.

  • Always follow your equipment manufacturer’s instructions for removing and reinstalling filter cartridges

Bleach is bad for filters
Although household bleach may seem to do an adequate job of cleaning, it degrades and weakens the fibers in the filter media, greatly decreasing spa filter life expectancy.

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