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What are the benefits of a Cartridge Filter for pools?  More specifically are there any?  YES!

Remember the filters are there to remove dirt, debris, oils, suntan lotions, etc from the pool water.  A well maintained filter will give you years of trouble free pool enjoyment.   The biggest benefit to a cartridge filter is no backwashing.

Cartridge FilterCartridge Filters cost more than a sand filter however there are many benefits to a cartridge filter.  One feature is how well they clean the water.  They trap debris way better than a sand filter.  With cartridge filters there is a fair bit less water resistance therefore you can turn over more gallons of water per hour.  What does this mean to you?? Less time required to run your pump which overall will save you in hydro costs, AND NO BACKWASHING!!!

All filters have a pressure gauge which will identify when it’s time to clean the filters.  Pay attention to what the setting is from a clean filter, this will be your bench mark to know when it’s time to clean.

The cartridge itself is made up of the same fiber paper that is used in most hot tubs filters.  There are many shapes/sizes so it’s important to measure the diameter and the height.  It’s also a good idea to take a picture to reference.  Cartridges are measured by the sq footage of fiber paper. For example this is a Hayward filter that is 325 sq ft.  580 Filters

How does it work you ask?  Essentially water gets pumped from the pump to the filter (some filters have one filter, while others may have up to 4)  The water then gets filtered through the fiber paper which captures debris and small particulate before the water returns to the pool via the outlet and through to the returns.

When do you have to do maintenance?  Keep an eye on the pressure gauge, set it to show your benchmark and then clean when it has increased pressure by ten psi or so.

Shut the pump off and wait for approximately 5 minutes to allow the water to drain back into the pool before cleaning the filters.  

VERY IMPORTANT – Never try to open the cannister until you have released the pressure!! 

Once you have released the pressure you can open the cannister.  I’m most familiar with the Hayward product as it’s what I sell.  That being said, you need to open the cannister and remove the top closure plate, next remove the cartridges and then the o ring.  Rinse the cartridge(s) with your garden hose.  Don’t use a pressure washer as the pressure may rip the fiber paper.  When you have finished rinsing simply replace the cartridges into the slots, clean the area really well where the o ring is positioned and replace the o ring.  Place the top closure plate back on, the the filter cover and tighten up bolt.  Easy, peasy.

I would recommend you clean the filters annually with our Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse Product.  It’s a good time to do this at the end of the pool season, that way you are ready when Spring rolls around.  We offer a cleaning and storage service whereby we will clean your filters, store them for the year and bring them back when we open up your pool.

Finally, when the cartridge(s) becomes really dirty, fuzzy or the straps break you know it’s time to replace.  We have replacement filters in stock.


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