Closing Kits:

There are many types of closing kits from economy (very basic) to deluxe.  The best advice I can give you is to look at the history of your pool.  Do you open a great pool in the Spring or do you open a green pool.

There are ways to avoid the latter.

Make sure you test your water prior to closing and balance it.  You also need to be checking for phosphate as this is food for algae and it can grow much quicker with phosphate in the water.

Also if you have a history of metals in your water I would recommend you add a bottle of our Dazzle Stain and Scale prior to closing up the pool.  You also want to add a bottle of Dazzle Algae Clear 50 or 60 and give your pool a good shock with our Ultra Shock.   Dazzle Ultra Shock Stain and ScaleAlgae Clear 60


For salt water pools I would recommend our Dazzle Pristiva Primer, Pristiva Shock and an Algae Clear 60.

Balancing your water prior to closing and making sure you remove debris is the best bet to opening a great looking pool in the Spring!