Pool Heat Pumps – Kingston Pools and Hot Tubs – Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs

A pool heat pump is an amazingly simple piece of technology.  They are very energy efficient and a relatively low-cost option for heating your pool.

Essentially heat pumps work like an air conditioner – however in reverse.

Warm, ambient air is drawn into the heat pump by a fan, the air is then super-heated, and transferred  back to the pool via the returns.

Today’s heat pumps have a life-expectancy of around 10 years, however some have been around for much longer than that.  They are pretty quiet to operate and are driven by ozone-friendly operating systems.

Pool heat pumps are, in short, a viable, practical, and cost-efficient option for domestic pool owners.  In fact, they are viewed as a renewable energy source.

We highly recommend using a heat pump to heat the pool and would be happy to provide some further information should you wish to discuss in further detail.


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