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In our climate it’s important to take advantage of every day/week/month you can get out of your pool.  Why not invest into a pool heater.

There are three options for pool heating:

  • Gas (Natural or Propane)
  • Heat Pump
  • Solar

Gas is the quickest way to heat your pool however is the most costly.

Heat Pump runs off electricity and uses the outside air, heats it and then heats the water through heat exchanger.  Quite cost effective operationally.

Solar Heat after the initial investment doesn’t cost anything to operate however there are some maintenance costs for fixing leaks as well as you are reliant on the sun.  We want to heat our pool when it’s cooler and often times that means that the sun isn’t shinning and therefore our pool isn’t getting up to temperature when we want it too.

I personally like the heat pump best.

We would be happy to provide a quote and get your heater installed very soon!


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