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How do sand filters operate

Sand: A sand filter has a value that does various jobs.

Filter mode: when the valve is in “filter mode,” the water is directed to the top of the filter, flows throughfilterout the body of sand, as the water travels through the sand it traps particulate on it’s way to the bottom of the filter and then goes through the  laterals and back into your pool.   Essentially the water comes in through the pool, gets filtered by the sand and then returns to the pool.   You leave the valve on filter when you are in pool mode.

Backwash mode:   This is the position you turn the valve handle to when cleaning the filter.  You will have a pressure gauge on your filter which is what you refer to when checking to see when to backwash.  When the filter is cleaned you can check gauge to determine your benchmark (area where the gauge is set when filter is clean)   You know it’s time to backwash when you have increased approximately 10psi.  When you are in backwash mode the valve sends the water out the bottom laterals, reversing the flow through the filter container. This causes the sand to separate which will then remove the particulate into the water, which then allows it to exit from the filter and go out the backwash hose.

Rinse mode:  In rinse mode sand is settled in place after backwashing.  Turning the valve to rinse will allow the pool water to continue to go through the backwash hose therefore you reduce the chance of debris or small particles going into the pool during the turning of the valve back into the filter position.

Waste mode: This mode completely bypasses the filter and moves all the water out the waste line.  this particular mode works great when vacuuming  the pool after an outbreak of algae,  as well as when you fill with new sand.

Winterizing mode:  This position is set after the pool is drained for the winter months

Sand filters work great however you do need to backwash.  Pay attention to what your pressure gauge says.  You don’t need to backwash until the pressure shows 10psi past your benchmark.

Clean you sand every 4-5 years.  This is important to keep your pool as clean and clear as possible.  Fill to about one foot or 12″ from the top.  Make sure you cover the pipe at the top with duct tape.  After filling with sand run the filter on rinse for a few minutes to clean the lines.

This should keep your pool looking great.

Note:  if you have sand coming back into your pool chances are one or more of the laterals are broken.  These can be replaced, you don’t have to purchase a new filter.

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