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I s a pool part of your summer plan?  Not sure which pool is the right pool for you?

Pools whether in ground, on ground or above ground really gets down to budget.  Essentially the are the good, better, best scenario

Above Ground Pools are the most budget friendly however they are always built on top of the ground with a deck or entry system.  They will get you wet and get the kids swimming and are really an entry level pool.  

On Ground pools are great because they are mid range as far as budget.  They are constructed of much better quality materials as far as the overall structure and can be built on top of the ground, part way in the ground or all the way in the ground.  They can be a flat, sand bottom or have a shallow/deep ended cement bottom.  It all boils down to budget.  

In Ground pools are definitely the most custom pool and of course more expensive.  You can get a vinyl lined, cement or fiberglass pool built totally in the ground.  Fiberglass is what we specialize in for in grounds because they are very low maintenance, trouble free and look fantastic.

We are always happy to discuss whatever pool you believe is the right fit for you.  Give us a call at Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs Inc. today

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