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Yesterday as we sat around the pool in beautiful Hawaii I decided that I had better go in to cool off.  The pools in Hawaii are all 3 to 4 foot deep and this triggered a thought about our sports bottom pool.  I really like the look of the StingRay and Azure Pools that we have in our Dolphin pool line.

Sports bottom pools are not overly popular in our area however I really think they are a great pool to have in your backyard.  Especially those back yards with limestone.

I understand that we think of pools that should have a deep end however when you are swimming you don’t need any more than 3 feet of water.

These sports bottom pools are great if you want to play games and simply have a cooling off center.  Diving pools are a thing of the past due to so many people injuring themselves.

Let’s talk about the sports bottom pool for your backyard!

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