Ever wonder if there is a difference between hot tub filters?

Each manufacturing company makes a filter that captures particulate from the water; that’s its job however its the fibers or rather how many fibers are in the filter that count and of course the number of pleats.

Filters are manufactured using various qualities of fabric and counted by square foot,  meaning that if you were to lay the fiber fabric out in a straight line what would the sq footage be?  It varies so be aware of what you are purchasing.

Today you can purchase from a number of companies however pay attention to performance.  Remember you pay for what you get! Don’t you want your hot tub water to be clear?  That is what the filters job is: to remove particulate from the water.  If it can’t do this then find a filter that will.  Also remember that a filter can only do the job when it’s clean.  Use our Dazzle Filter Cleanse to clean the oils etc out of the fibers so the filter isn’t clogged up.  Also filters only last a couple of years at most so replace those filters with new ones.