When you are thinking of installing a new pool in your backyard.  Think fiberglass!  Why would you want to put in a vinyl lined pool?  You will have to worry for the lifetime of ownership about liner repairs, liners floating, liners bleaching out, liners wrinkling.  With fiberglass you simply get to enjoy your pool.  Very low in maintenance, low in water care products and will last and last with no maintenance required.

So now that we have established that you should be thinking about a fiberglass pool.  Why would you buy from the US when you have a quality fiberglass pool manufacturer in Ontario, Canada.  Yes, a quality fiberglass pool manufacturer right here in Canada.

What should you do for decking around the pool?  This requires some discussion.  What are the options:

  1. Concrete butted to the fiberglass (most economical)
  2. Concrete with a vastec coping
  3. Stone Coping (cantilevers a bit over the fiberglass edge) looks awesome
  4. Coloured concrete, stamped concrete or plain concrete butted to stone coping

Let’s take a look

PoolIMG_0116Blue with Interlocking


So now it’s time to talk $$$.  The stone coping is certainly a beautiful finish.  The plain concrete is okay, and the stamped concrete can look like the real thing when it’s done properly.  What do you think?