I’m planning some home renovations and I was reminded once again of the old adage ” you pay for what you get”.   We were looking at refrigerators and boy oh boy can you notice a difference.  Some doors are quite heavy and have an amazing seal, while others are very light and the seal is not existent.   I know which one I would buy.

We find they all look alike but it’s how they are made that makes the difference.  This is the same with our Maax Hot Tubs.  Most hot tubs look great upon a quick inspection but it’s when you begin your research and find out that the footwell has no depth therefore your knees will be above your hips, there are lots of tiny jets but few that will give you that overall deep massage action, the insulation is spray foam which makes it difficult to fix a lead and near impossible to have the same R value afterwards, where the motherboard has imported parts that fail more frequently, where the pump is a 48 frame not a 56 frame therefore overheats periodically and is not as efficient to run, where you are yelling to be heard over the jets/pump due to lack of insulation.  I could go on and on however I think you get the point.  Do your research folks, ask questions, see inside the hot tub, do a wet test.  \

Don’t be the one who regrets their buying decision.  Be the one who says ” I did my research and am very satisfied with the results”.

We, at Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs did our research.  We selected a hot tub that performs!  One that runs quietly, costs little in operating costs, has a great warranty and one that you would recommend to your friends.  Yes, it still looks pretty, very pretty in fact but it’s what on the inside that counts and Maax didn’t compromise quality here.


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