When you are researching the best hot tubs on the market you will find there are some manufacturers that consistently come out on top.

Maax Spas is one of those manufacturers.

Quality matters when it comes to hot tubs because you will pay no matter what.  There is an old saying ‘you pay for what you get’ and this certainly applies to hot tubs.  Whether it’s electricity, service, therapy, comfort etc. you will be compromising something.

At Maax they have designed a tub that is VERY comfortable.  They designed their tubs with the help of an ergonomic physician who ensured that the seats were such that you were sitting properly, that the jets were placed where they would hit you in muscle (not bone) where our loungers keep you seated (no floating) and where our foot massagers, massage both the top and bottom of your feet where it counts most.

Maax has also designed a tub that will PERFORM, to give you that deep tissue massage, where servicing is easy, where the tub is very efficient to operate and where the jets aren’t so loud you are yelling at your partner.

Why not give us a call to see our tubs!  We promise you will be happy you did.

interior 471 grey with Pacific Rim in tub

You will also meet one of the owners when you arrive and we also promise not to pressure sell, as we believe our product sells itself.