Quality counts when you are in the market for a hot tub?  Why – pay now or pay later as the old saying goes.

All hot tubs look pretty on the outside but it’s the inside that matters.  How they are made, the quality and attention to detail, how they perform from an efficiency perspective, size of pumps, placement and size of jets, filtration, seating.  All of these are very important.  Be an educated consumer….remember

The Bitterness of Poor Quality

With out Maax hot tubs you get:

  • 56 frame pumps,
  • M7 technology (no external sensors) and no imported parts
  • one of the quietest hot tubs on the market (no yelling over loud jets)
  • Ergonomic arm chair style seating (knees aren’t higher than your hips)
  • Large nozzle jets, that are placed strategically to ensure you are stimulating muscle
  • Deep footwell
  • Programmable filtration with a first and second filter
  • BlueMAAX insulation – can be taken out for servicing and then placed right back in.  No heat loss and no spray foam

581 coupleMaax Model 470Blue Frame w copperkingstonhottubsandpools_maax_2