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Looking to purchase a quality hot tub.  What are the features to look for:

  1. How is it manufactured?
  2. What products are used during manufacturing?
  3. How many pumps?
  4. Insulation/efficiency of operation?
  5. Jet size vs how many?
  6. Spa Pack – where is it manufactured?
  7. Lounge seat – will you float?
  8. Deep seating – comfort
  9. Fully immersed in water? Height of foot well and hot tub
  10. Quietness of jets and pump?
  11. Recreation vs therapy or both?

These are just some of the preliminary questions you must ask yourself prior to purchasing a hot tub.   Our product line from Maax Spas speaks for itself.  Give us the opportunity to share with you some of the quality features that are built into our finer spas.  We are priced competitively AND are quality first.  Now that’s what most consumers want.

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