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I wanted to share with you why our Maax Hot Tubs are built with quality and efficiency in mind.

At Maax they undeMaax Thermo-Lock and Insulationrstand that electricity costs money therefore we make our hot tubs to be highly efficient to operate.  We also make sure that our tubs are insulated using our Thermo-Lock technology to keep the heat inside the tub cavity.

We also use a larger 56 frame pump so that it doesn’t have to work so hard to operate.  And we use a 2 speed pump using the low speed to circulate your water.

As seen in the attached picture we use a reflective material throughout the cavity of our tubs to  push the heat right back into the center.

Our filtration system is a 6 stage and you can program the cycles for as little or as long as you want.  In fact, you can circulate your water constantly or just for a couple hours a day.

At Maax Spas we understand that therapy is important.  That people are dealing with injuries on a regular daily basis.  That’s why we hired an ergonomic medical professional to help us design the best tub for therapy.  Where the jets are situated in just the right spot to hit those fatigued and sore muscles.  Where there is enough velocity of water to actually circulate blood flow.  Where our seating is designed so that your knees aren’t sitting higher than your hips to ensure you don’t add more soreness to your already sore body.

We also have the best foot massager on the market.  Where we massage both the bottom AND the top of your foot as we know that this triggers far more endorphins which aid in communicating with your brain to provide relief.

Why not give us a call today to check out our hot tubs in person.  We know you will love our Maax tubs.



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