Want a quality tub without some of the expense!  Well look no further.  Maax Spas makes a quality hot tub.  One that will give you efficiency of operational costs using their BlueMaax insulation along with therapy in mind to sooth those aching and tired musclesBlue Frame w copper.

Take a look at one of our spas.  Model 471 You can’t see it however our loungers are ‘no float’ loungers.  We have bottom and top of the feet, foot massagers.  You need this because this will aid in sending endorphin’s throughout your body to help you relax.  Our neck cushions aid in making sure you sit properly to get that neck pain massaged out.  If you look at the above picture closely you will see the upper neck massage.  Our foot wells are deep so that you don’t have your knee’s higher than your hips (which is what any ergonomics professional will recommend)

We use only 56 frame pumps (they are more efficient and don’t have to work so hard to manage your water) We use no imported parts on our spa packs, and we use M7 technology which means we don’t have external sensors which are more prone to failure.

Would you like to book a time to see our Maax hot tubs?  It’s worth the trip, we promise!