I was reminded today about the value of quality.  I love to get a deal like most people however I have learned that the price is not the only factor.  My grandfather had a saying “it only costs 10% more to go first class”.

Doesn’t it make more sense to purchase something that costs a tiny bit more BUT will last twice as long?

I realize today how ingrained this is in me.  Our product line mirrors this thought process.  With Maax Hot Tubs, Dazzle Water Care Products, Dolphin Fiberglass Pools, Hayward Pool Equipment, and Atlantic Above Ground Pools.  An intentional decision to carry quality products over price alone was made.  Our reputation as a quality pool builder and professional water care specialist are something I am very proud of.

At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs we don’t compromise quality for price alone.  Yes, we are competitive.  Yes, we are flexible.  Yes, we share our knowledge.  Yes, we put our clients needs first.  We have deliberately chosen to provide only the best of products available.  This took considerable research, reliance on the professionals in their specific field, and a conscientious choice so that you, our very valued customer will not be disappointed in your decision to put your trust and faith in Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs.

We promise to always be honest and fair and continue to provide the best value for your hard earned $$.  If that is important to you, give us a call.  Below is one of our beautiful Dolphin Fiberglass Pools and our family tying the knot.  The pool is the Cancun model and the pristine water is thanks to our line of salt pool water care – Pristiva Salt System

With this ring