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Why you want to invest in a safety cover for your inground pool.  SAFETY

There are a pile of pools out there with the tarp style winter covers and water bags.  They have been around for years and years and work to keep debris and water out of the pool however you do need to use precautions to ensure that no one can fall into your pool.  I have seen a video of how the tarp folds in over someone if they fall in.   If you use these covers, please lock your gates and keep children and pets out of the pool area.  Keep safety in mind at all times.

If your pool happens to be part of your living space, please invest into a safety cover.  These covers are designed to allow an adult and child to walk across and back.  I have had a number for dogs walk on our cover as well as one of our grandchildren.  If you have pets and small children visiting please invest in a safety cover.r



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