Considering a safety cover and wondering what to look for when pricing.

Safety covers have to meet a standard therefore it’s not a one size fits all situation.

Your pool needs to be measured, cut outs have to be considered for diving boards, slides, steps and water features as well as shape.  Most pools need to have 3 x 3 strapping to meet code.  There are also different types of mesh.  Regular, mesh 99 which is a much tighter weave and solid covers.Clips  Regular Mesh Rubber Guard StrappingStrapping, stitching, wear pieces, all all factors when looking at safety covers.


You will also want to know the cost to install as well as the warranty.

We would be happy to provide you with further information on our covers.  you may contact Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs Inc. by calling, emailing, texting or dropping in.