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Do you have a salt water hot tub or thinking of getting one.

Remember salt converts to chlorine or bromine and is your sanitizer.  It’s what kills bacteria in your pool or hot tub – that’s it!  It does not balance your water.  You still need to adjust your alkalinity, your pH and your calcium.  This is essential to proper water care.  If the water is not in balance your sanitizer will deplete much faster.  The water won’t fill good and may cloud.

At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs we offer on site water testing.  We take the time to chat with you about proper water care and the steps required to balance your water so that you enjoy it more.  Why buy a hot tub to not use it because you are uncertain about water care.  Give us a call, we work with you on how to keep your water feeling fresh and clean.

Yours, in happy hottubbing!

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