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I recently had a client bring me some jets that were chalky due to very poor water chemistry in their hot tub.  Hot Tub water is just that ‘hot water’.  Hot water grows bacteria so it is essential to ensure you have adequate bromine or chlorine in your hot tub to kill bacteria.

You also need to shock the water every week and add a product like Stain and Scale to manage minerals in your source water.

Thirdly you need to  balance your water.  This means pH, alkalinity and calcium.  You can do damage to your acrylic surface, equipment and hot tub cover if you don’t balance your water.  Plus your water simply won’t feel great on your skin.  Acidic water eats away at metal parts in your equipment and when soaking you are soaking in acid water.  Your water is acidic when the ph is low and when the alkalinity is low.  On the reverse when alkalinity is high your water is akaline which can cause a scale build up on the surface of your tub.  When calcium is low it can begin to build up calcium on your heater element.  Similar to when you have hard water and it collects on the element in your tea kettle.

Check your water weekly with test strips to ensure that you have adequate sanitizer and bring a sample to your water care professional every 6 weeks or so to have a full test completed.  We offer on site water testing as well as bringing in a sample to our shop for testing.


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