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Is water testing necessary you ask?  Can’t I simply use test strips?

Yes, water testing is very necessary.  Test strips are a guide and will give you some indication of where your levels are at but DO NOT replace getting your water tested by a water care professional.

Water that is out of balance can do damage to the interior of your hot tub as well as to much of the equipment that operates your hot tub.  An example is calcium that can attach itself to your heater element.  Over time this will either burn out your heater or cause it to operate ineffectively.

Balancing of Ph is necessary to keep the ph at a neutral state.  Otherwise your water is acidic or basic (alkaline)

Have you ever filled your hot tub and gotten a gritty, sandlike scale on the inside of the tub?  This is alkaline water.  You can avoid this by getting your water tested and applying the correct product(s) to reduce the alkalinity.

Sanitizer – this is what kills bacteria in your hot tub.  Hot Tub water is kept hot which breeds bacteria much quicker.  You know what happens to a pool when the chlorine gets low, right?  GREEN POOL!  Same thing with hot tubs.  Whether you sanitize with bromine or chlorine you need to ensure there is adequate sanitizer in the hot tub AT ALL TIMES!

Why shock?  Shocking should be done weekly.  One of the roles of shock is to aid in helping the filter get rid of bather waste such as exfoliation, hair, oils etc.  Yes, I know we don’t want to think about this but seriously folks, we exfoliate when we soak.  That all that dead skin sloughing off.  YUCK.  Shock the water!

We provide on site water testing and always try to explain ‘why’ you need a specific product.  We don’t EVER suggest you purchase a product you don’t need and will always answer your questions in an honest and concise way.

At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs our main goal is to have you soaking in fabulous, easy to care for water!  Be they envy of your hot tub friends by ALWAYS having crystal clear, soft water.

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