Ever wonder how often you should do a fresh fill on your hot tub?  The rule of thumb is to try to do one approximately every three months or so.  It is dependent upon how ofter the tub gets used and by how many people however this is a good guide to go by.

When I test your hot tub your TDS (total dissolved solids) would also be an indicator.  I would advise that you may want to consider a fresh fill around 1500TDS.

Also it’s a good idea to try to do a fresh fill prior to the coldest part of our winter months i.e. in December so that you can get through to March.  Right now with this mild weather we are having is the perfect time to do a fresh fill.

If you find your water is not staying clear can also be an indicator of needing fresh water.  If you cannot do a complete drain then drain the tub half way and fill with fresh water.  This will help you until the weather is milder.

Happy Hot Tubbing!