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When it comes to selecting the right pool you may ask why fiberglass.  I have done up a bit of a check list on why you might want to consider fiberglass;


  • Many shapes, sizes and depths 
  • Soaker or flat bottom pools for those sports enthusiasts, deep ended sloped bottom pools
  • Various colors and boarder tiles available
  • Salt Compatible – Vinyl and Gunite show wear over time. Fiberglass is much more durable in a salt water environment
  • Built-in benches & seating for entertaining and relaxing 
  • Built-in steps for easy access – no more white steps that stick out
  • Wrap-around safety-walking ledges
  • Eco Friendly – no liners going into landfill
  • 17 Times stronger than concrete or vinyl liner pools 
  • Fiberglass has 22,000-psi tensile strength 
  • 35 year structural warranty
  • Requires approximately 40% less chemicals 
  • Requires approximately 2/3 less maintenance than vinyl liner pools 
  • Requires approximately 3/4 less maintenance than concrete pools (Gunite) 
  • Reduces electrical pump usage by 40% 
  • Fiberglass pools are much warmer for swimming
  • Built-in optional spill over spa feature
  • Shell is impervious to algae (non-porous surface) 
  • Smooth gel coat finish – No skin abrasions, no scraped knees
  • Fiberglass is inert & not subject to high swings in PH 
  • Pool built in factory-controlled conditions 
  • Much quicker installation 7 to 14 days 
  • You can skate on the frozen ice surface in winter 
  • Poor weather conditions not as much a factor for installing
  • Can be installed much earlier and later in the year 
  • Yard not torn up for months on end
  • No costly liners to replace; punctures, tears (raccoons, dogs) 
  • No acid washing (Gunite every 3-5 years) 
  • No re plastering ever (Gunite every 7-8 years) 
  • Flexible to expand & contract in Canadian climate
  • You don’t have to empty a whole lot of water to winterize (Reduces spring start up costs) 
  • Affordable; Less than concrete and only a little more than vinyl pools up front
  • Fiberglass Pools will save you over a 10 year period; compared to concrete and vinyl 

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