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While looking after my two twin 3 1/2 year old grandsons yesterday I was reminded about the benefits of fiberglass pools.  I don’t typically look after them during business hours but my daughter was stuck, it was hot and humid and it was 4:00PM so I said sure, bring the boys over for a swim and they can cool off while you take the dog to the vet.

As fate would have it, I had clients arrive to look at our incredibly beautiful Maax hot tubs.  Of course, I apologized that I would have to keep an eye on the boys as they were in the pool however they could go into the showroom to look at the hot tubs and then we could go over the benefits and features while sitting around the pool with the boys.

In my quest to keep the boys busy I asked them to ‘clean the pool’ with the brush on the telescopic pole and the leaf shovel also on a telescopic pole.  They were wearing their puddle jumpers so quite safe to stand at the waters edge.  Needless to say, both poles ended up at the bottom on the deep end, along with a mop with a steel pole and two sets of goggles.

I thought to myself afterwards; whew good thing we own a fiberglass pool!  That is truly what fiberglass pools give you!  Worry free pool!

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