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Why water test?

A green pool, runny nose and the car won’t start.  What do these have in common.  The runny nose could be a sign of a cold coming on or a allergy.  The car won’t start is a clear indicator that something is wrong.  A green pool is the sign of algae or copper in the water.

Now common sense tells us to deal with a situation once it arises, while a little prevention could go along way in making sure the problem doesn’t present it self at all.

Getting your water tested is like going to the doctor for a check up or taking your car in for regular maintenance.  Something we all do however when it comes to water testing sometimes we fail to follow our own guidance.  Ask yourself this, is it better to take the car in for regular maintenance or to replace the engine because we didn’t?  Pretty simple question.  Which do you think will cost less $$.  The check up of course.  Keeping your water in balance will prolong the life of your pool/hot tub equipment, keep the surface clear of stains or scale forming, and make the water feel fantastic.

At Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs we do onsite water care.  We involve you in our testing process and work with you to provide only those products you require to keep your water in pristine shape.  We help you with your weekly maintenance options and teach you about ‘why’ you need to keep your water balanced just like why you need to go to the doctor and why you need to get your car serviced on a regular basis.

Give us a call.  Our water care specialist would be happy to book a time to meet you and conduct a water test.

Our line of water care product is called Dazzle.  It’s Canadian made using a safe and healthy approach to water care.  In fact, you can be swimming 15 minutes after using our shock.

We promise we will not sell you a product you don’t need.  We provide professional advice and work with you to ensure your water looks, feels and performs the way you expect it to and most importantly it’s healthy!


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