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Are you heading south and want to winterize your hot tub?  It’s not as simple as draining your tub.  Once drained your tub still has a number of gallons of water in the lines, pump etc.  Before you do ANYTHING turn the power off to the tub.

Make sure you use a shop vac or blower and blow air through the filter cavity.  You will be surprised at how much water comes out the jets.  Next you need to get into the tub and suction each jet.  Open up the pump(s) at the unions to ensure they are completely drained and then tighten up the unions once again.  Shop vac the water out of the cavity and then add some pool/RV antifreeze through the filter cavity.  Give it a quick shot of air from the blower to ensure the antifreeze is in the lines.  You don’t want to use too much air or you will simply blow the antifreeze out.

Cover the hot tub up with a good tarp after winterizing!


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