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Why do wrinkles appear in pool liners?

Some potential reasons for wrinkles are:

  • Incorrect chemical levels – Keeping your pool’s water balanced is important to protect your liner from wrinkles. High chlorine and low pH levels are two culprits for wrinkles.  Early signs of unbalanced water  and high chlorine levels are fading or bleaching of your liner. Many people do not realize the potential hazards of inbalanced water.  It’s much cheaper to balance your water than it is to replace a liner
  • Improper installation  –  especially in overlap liners where there isn’t enough coping clips installed OR
  • Incorrect measuring – liners need to be fitted properly.  It’s not a one size fit all.
  • Never begin to add water to the pool until the liner is fitted properly and there are no wrinkles.  Using a vacuum to pull the liner to the wall is critical
  • Water loss – Whether you are lowering the water in your swimming pool or you have a potential leak – water loss is another cause of wrinkles. A low water level may cause the liner to move away from your pool’s walls which can cause wrinkles

Besides being unpleasant to look at, wrinkles can cause dirt to get trapped, which makes it incredibly hard to vacuum.  They can also cause splitting in the liner where the wrinkle occurs

The sooner you notice and react to the liner wrinkles the better your chance to remove them. Liner wrinkles that have existed for months are nearly impossible to remove so your early attention is important.    When you notice wrinkles forming in your pool, there are a few simple ways you can get rid of them.

  • Wrinkles can be much easier to remove with warm water.  Turn your heater on
  • Try using your feet. Wear shoes with soft rubber soles to spread the wrinkles out or move them towards the wall
  • Another option is to use two rubber bathroom plungers.  Using the plungers pull the wrinkles apart or towards the wall
  • Finally use your hands to push the wrinkles out

Also draining your  pool is not the answer.  There is always a huge risk that you will cause more damage.

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