When researching pools the fiberglass pool option comes up and you wonder ‘why’ fiberglass.  Are they truly the best choice for an inground pool today?

Yes they are.  Fiberglass pools are a relatively quick install so that you can be swimming in a week or two.  They are smooth to the touch, therefore no skinned knees/elbows/hands.  They are sleek and modern and best of all there is very little maintenance required.  Unlike their competitors which are poreous, fiberglass are not.  There are no crevices or cracks where bacteria, algae, mold etc can hide/grow.  This can ultimately leave you with potential water quality problems as well as the possibility of damaging parts of your pool and/or liner.

Fiberglass pools on the otherhand are non-poreous.  Fiberglass pools are also the easist pool on the market today to maintain.  Very little effort on your part is required to keep them clean, clear and worryfree.

All you need to do is:

Regular water testing:  Simply do your regular water testing to ensure your water is in balance.  This means checking your sanitiazer (chlorine), pH, alkalinity, calcium and if outdoors checking your cyanuric acid levels (stabiliser)  The benefit is that fiberglass pools require much less chemical adjustment and keep the water in balance for longer periods of time.  What does this mean for you?  Less $$$ spent in time and water care!

Filter and Pump: Filtration and turning the water over fully once a day is also absolutely necessary.  Make sure you run your pump and backwash/clean your filter.  With variable speed pumps you can certainly run your pump at lower RPM’s just make sure that the whole body (all of the water) gets filtered at least once in a 24 hour period.  Fiberglass pools actually require less filtration, turning the water once a day is all that is required.  Many other styles of pools require the water turn over twice.

Vacuuming:  Keeping your pool clean and debris free by regular vacuuming and skimming leaves from the surface.  Keep your pool looking beautiful and inviting by purchasing a robotic vacuum.  I highly recommend the new robotic vacuums.  They make pool ownership a breeze and clean your pool while you are at work or simply lazing around the pool catching up on that new novel or soaking in the rays. Robotic vacuums take all the stress and work out of the pool maintenance.

Enjoy:  Enjoy your pool and your outdoor space.  There is nothing nicer than pool ownership.  You don’t have to pack up a picnic, get in the car and share a lakeside beach with anyone!  Simply put on a bathing suit and the day is yours to relax and enjoy all the best that summer brings.