What are the benefits of fiberglass pools and why would I select fiberglass over the traditional concrete and vinyl lined?

Fiberglass Pools are very easy to maintain.  We understand that people are busy and the last thing you want is a pool that is difficult to maintain.  Fiberglass pools are non-porous therefore you will not require the same amount of chemicals to keep your water properly sanitized and balanced.  Fiberglass pools once installed are very cost effective as you will not have to replace liners or do concrete repairs down the road.

Fiberglass pools add value to home shoppers.  When people are looking for a new home they see a fiberglass pool as a good investment not a money pit where they will be sinking money into in future years.

Today you can get various colours in your fiberglass, you can add an accent tile, cantilever your coping to give a true finished built in look and be the envy of your neighbours.   Tampico 1-4

Fiberglass pools are shipped in one piece.  A qualified installer can have you swimming in a week or two which is a huge bonus when the sun is shining and you want to get the most of your season.  Also your backyard will be a bit of a construction site while the install is going on, the sooner you can get the job done and the landscaping done, the better.  We know how important it is to be enjoying your backyard.

If you live in the country fiberglass is also a worry free pool if squirrels, raccoons, or other like creatures fall into the pool.  Plus you can let your dogs in to cool off and not have to worry about the pool getting damaged by sharp nails.

Fiberglass pools are simply the choice of the smart pool buyer today.  They give you years and years of trouble free, maintenance free enjoyment.